Nain Tech

Company History

Company History




 2018 Secondary Battery Manufacturing Equipment Supply (Stacking)

 2018 Secondary Battery Manufacturing Equipment Supply (Large Lamination)

 2018 Display Equipment production (8th-generation vacuum logistics)

 2018 Proceed the energy storage project



 2017 Commendation by: President/Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

 2017 Secondary Battery Equipment Supply (Small Lamination)

 2017 Wet Cleaning Business Department Establishment

 2017 Display Equipment Supply (Mobile/Lighting)

 2016 Head office and Corporate Sub-Section Research Center Transfer

 2016 Manufacture of Display Equipment Supply (Vacuum/N2)

 2015 Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Commendation

 2015 TSP Equipment Supply (Metal mesh mass production line)

 2015 Display Equipment Supply (Washing Equipment for OLED Mobile)

 2014 Second factory Extension Transfer

 2014 SOLAR PECVD equipment supply




 2013 Display equipment supply (Mask cleaning equipment/panel attach/removal)

 2012 Selection of promising small and medium enterprises/ certification of INNO-BIZ/ Minister of Knowledge Economy Commendation

 2012 Display Equipment Supply(Auto Wet Station)

 2011 TSP Production Equipment Supply

 2011 Award for Best Venture Companies

 2010 ISO Certification 9001, 14001


 2009 Establishment of the Corporate Subsidy Research Institute

 2008 China Market Advancement of Display Equipment 

 2007 Nain-Tech Corporate Transition

 2006 Fabrication of Display Equipment (Vacuum/Automated Equipment)

 2006 Company Establishment





CEO : Park, Geun Noh | Company Name: Nain Tech Co., Ltd.| Address : 81, Jeongmunhoehwa-ro Yanggam-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do Tel: 031-476-0305 | Fax : 031-476-0306 | Company Registration Number: 138-81-41232